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An Instagrammers Guide to: Palma

I enjoy traveling. That is why I decided to start this series called "An Instagrammers Guide to". I often find, when searching for information on new destinations, that guides that are not too "touristy" are impossible to track down. I would not go to the length of calling my guides not touristy, because in fact: they are. BUT (!!) I will say this: My guides are made for people who want to enjoy a city or destination from all perspectives. 

This is the third guide in the "An Instagrammers Guide to"-series. Click here to read about London, and here to read about Stockholm. 


Where to eat

Type of restaurant/pricing: Breakfast & Lunch, mid range.
Location: San Miquel, Passeig Marítim & Palau March.

"I got a recommendation by a lovely girl on Instagram about this café-group called Cappuccino. They have multiple locations all over Palma, but also in other big cities. They serve everything from Avocado toast, pizzas, salads, freshly pressed juices and delicious coffees. Me and my sister loved sitting here while listening to accordion, people watching and relaxing out feet from all the walking around". 

Type of restaurant/pricing: Italian gelato, mid range. 
Location: Plaça de Weyler, 11, 07001 Palma

"I must admit that I have a sweet-tooth, and whenever I am in a city where Amorino is located, I always make sure to drop by. There is nothing better then a fruity italian gelato shaped like a rose with a macaroon on top. I always go for the raspberry and the chocolate flavor, because I am boring like that". 

Type of restaurant/pricing: Italian, high range. 
Location: Carrer de Sant Joan, 6, 07012 Palma

"Where the pasta is good and the service is not. If you plan on going here I would defiantly book a table in advance and make sure it's on the lower level inside of the restaurant. The atmosphere is not so good on the second floor. The pasta on the other hand, is amazing". 

Bon Vent
Type of restaurant/pricing: Beach bar, low range. 
Location: Can Pastilla beach.

"One day, me and my sister wanted to try out a new lunch spot near the beach since we had often just eaten at the closest restaurant we could find. We walked quite far down the beach and suddenly stumbled upon Bon Vent. The vibe there was just so amazing, it was like St. Tropez with a touch of California vibes mixed with the atmosphere of a Mexican beach café. The nachos I ordered was so sooo good, with an unexpected drizzle of honey! We came back one more time during our trip, because how could we not?". 


S'Olivera tapas & restaurant
Type of restaurant/pricing: Café, mid range. 
Location: Carrer San Francisco de Sales, 54, 07004 Palma

"Another place that don't have good food, it does not have good service either. But as an Instagram obsessed individual like ourselves, we appreciate the decoration, and the tiles on the floor and the tables". 

Koa & Ombu
Type of restaurant/pricing: Fusion, high range.
Location: Carrer de Sant Joan, 3, 07012 Palma & Passeig del Born, 5-7, 07012 Palma.

Where to shop


Type/Brands: Concept store
Location: 5, Costa d'en Brossa, 07001 Palma

Location: Passeig del Born, 2, 07012 Palma

"I know Oysho is a well-known store, but they do have some cute swimwear for a really really good price. I bought one white swimsuit here with tortoise-shell details which I have used so so much. I also bought a super cool crop-top (and I don't really like crop-tops!), because they do have som cute clothing as well". 


LTD Edition
Type/Brands: Art store
Location: Costa d'en Brossa, 6, 07001 Palma

Paula's Room
Type/Brands: Multibrand store (Ganni, Love Stories, Anine Bing etc.)
Location: Carrer dels Paraires, 15, 07001 Palma


Where to stay

HM Alma Beach
Cost: Mid range.
Location: Can Pastilla.

"The area around HM Alma Beach is not really that nice, so me and my sister were quite surprised when we walked into the lobby at the hotel. The whole hotel gave me "Bali" vibes. Everything was made out of straw, the hotel pools were super nice and the staff were so sweet. This hotel really gets you value for your money, and I would definitely stay again if I were going to Palma in the near future. The bus to the city centre took about 10 minutes and cost 1,5 euros". 

Puro Hotel Palma
Cost: High range.
Location: Palma city.

If you have any questions about Palma, let me know in the comments or contact me on Instagram.