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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19
2018-08-10 09:29:54.137.jpeg

Get ready for some photo spamming, I have so soo much to share from Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is the second time I am attending Cphfw, and it just keeps on getting better and better. I attended almost all of the shows, and I got to see some of my favorites like Stine Goya and Ganni. Me, Andrea and Dina travelled down the night before the madness began, Rune and Nnenna came the day after. It was amazing being there with so many of my closest friends, and even though it was the warmest it has ever been in Copenhagen, we still managed to have so much fun. As always, airport attire is just as important as any other outfit during fashion week, so here is what I wore while traveling:

Wearing Acne Studios blazer, FWSS t-shirt, Isabel Marant jeans, Balenciaga sneakers and Truss bag.

2018-08-07 10:15:40.550.jpeg

The first show of Copenhagen Fashion Week was Birgitte Herskind, which was held at the Nimb Hotel rooftop. She showcased some amazing showpiece bathing suits and matched them with cowboy hats and boots. I need every piece of swimwear from this collection right now! The next show was Blanche. We got to see familiar silhouettes with fun twists in classic colors.


After Blanche, I ran over to the next show which was the Mykke Hofmann presentation. After that me and some friends sat down at Sticks’n’Sushi for a quick bite. My favorite is the Pink Alaska, which is salmon with philadelphia.


Wearing Moiré cape/skirt, Zara top, FWSS trousers, Reebok sneakers, Cala Jade bag and Weekday hat.


Photo by: Ylenia @Ineffabledaze

Like a kid in a candy store! Deeply regretting not purchasing more earrings here, but I went for the red hoops in the photo to the right. After some quick shopping it was time to head over to Résumé. The show was inspired by Clueless, and I loved it! The colors and the patterns are so me. The location was fun as well.

2018-08-07 13:06:23.029.jpeg

Wearing Résumé dress, Marc Jacobs hat, Isabel Marant belt, Cala Jade bag and Dr.Martens boots.

2018-08-08 11:16:52.578.jpeg

The next day started with breakfast at Atelier September with Andrea, Dina and Silje. We then jumped in a cab and headed over to the J.Lindeberg show. The collection was sporty, but at the same time classic with a twist. My favorite look was the classic suit, where the pants were cut to knee length and combined with high socks and chunky sneakers. We then went to the Morten Ussing show which was beautiful as always.

2018-08-08 13:47:06.771.jpeg
Snapseed (3).jpeg

Wearing: Epilogue dress, Brixton hat, Paco Rabanne bag, Balenciaga sneakers and Isabel Marant belt.


After a quick change we drove out to the Holzweiler show, which actually is a Norwegian brand. The location was so nice, and the collection really represented Norway in a good way! The following show was Stine Goya, who is one of my favorite designers. I was so lucky to be seated front row, so I got to really see the collection up close. Captured is one of my favorite looks, it is soo me!

2018-08-08 20:11:20.324.jpeg

After the Stine Goya show, we went home to freshen up before heading to the Glossier event. We were so fortunate to be gifted some of the Glossier products that have been such a big hype lately, and I must say that I have used the lip balm everyday since. After Glossier, me and Rune went to the Samsøe Samsøe dinner, which was so much fun.

2018-08-08 21:03:36.838.jpeg

The next day started with Hofmann Copenhagen, and it turned out to be one of the best shows during fashion week. The styling was incredible, and they played with prints in such a fun and cool way. I need to get me some sports glasses asap. Following up was the Munthe show, and right after that the By Malene Birger show.

2018-08-09 10:37:31.784.jpeg
2018-08-09 12:25:05.590.jpeg

Wearing: FWSS t-shirt and skirt, Reebok sneakers, Calvin Klein Jeans bag and Asos hat.

2018-08-09 13:43:58.660.jpeg
2018-08-09 17:03:43.462.jpeg

Then it was time for Designers Remix, and after that was Lovechild 1979. We then headed out to the off schedule show called “Brøgger” which was really inspiring and colorful. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos there, but you can see a clip in my Youtube video from Copenhagen Fashion Week at the bottom of this post.


Wearing: Acne blazer, Ganni dress, Balenziaga sneakers, Truss bag and Céline sunglasses.


Then it was time for the show that I was most excited to see, Ganni. I love how Ganni is becoming more and more edgy. The show was so cool featuring some classic rock songs and an amazing location. The mountain boots is one of the biggest trends this season, and it seems like it will last until the next season as well. After the Ganni show, I went back to the hotel for a quick change and then out to dinner with some of my friends. We had the best nachos at Café Norden before heading to the last show of Cphfw, Saks Potts.

An Instagrammers Guide to: Palma

I enjoy traveling. That is why I decided to start this series called "An Instagrammers Guide to". I often find, when searching for information on new destinations, that guides that are not too "touristy" are impossible to track down. I would not go to the length of calling my guides not touristy, because in fact: they are. BUT (!!) I will say this: My guides are made for people who want to enjoy a city or destination from all perspectives. 

This is the third guide in the "An Instagrammers Guide to"-series. Click here to read about London, and here to read about Stockholm. 


Where to eat

Type of restaurant/pricing: Breakfast & Lunch, mid range.
Location: San Miquel, Passeig Marítim & Palau March.

"I got a recommendation by a lovely girl on Instagram about this café-group called Cappuccino. They have multiple locations all over Palma, but also in other big cities. They serve everything from Avocado toast, pizzas, salads, freshly pressed juices and delicious coffees. Me and my sister loved sitting here while listening to accordion, people watching and relaxing out feet from all the walking around". 

Type of restaurant/pricing: Italian gelato, mid range. 
Location: Plaça de Weyler, 11, 07001 Palma

"I must admit that I have a sweet-tooth, and whenever I am in a city where Amorino is located, I always make sure to drop by. There is nothing better then a fruity italian gelato shaped like a rose with a macaroon on top. I always go for the raspberry and the chocolate flavor, because I am boring like that". 

Type of restaurant/pricing: Italian, high range. 
Location: Carrer de Sant Joan, 6, 07012 Palma

"Where the pasta is good and the service is not. If you plan on going here I would defiantly book a table in advance and make sure it's on the lower level inside of the restaurant. The atmosphere is not so good on the second floor. The pasta on the other hand, is amazing". 

Bon Vent
Type of restaurant/pricing: Beach bar, low range. 
Location: Can Pastilla beach.

"One day, me and my sister wanted to try out a new lunch spot near the beach since we had often just eaten at the closest restaurant we could find. We walked quite far down the beach and suddenly stumbled upon Bon Vent. The vibe there was just so amazing, it was like St. Tropez with a touch of California vibes mixed with the atmosphere of a Mexican beach café. The nachos I ordered was so sooo good, with an unexpected drizzle of honey! We came back one more time during our trip, because how could we not?". 


S'Olivera tapas & restaurant
Type of restaurant/pricing: Café, mid range. 
Location: Carrer San Francisco de Sales, 54, 07004 Palma

"Another place that don't have good food, it does not have good service either. But as an Instagram obsessed individual like ourselves, we appreciate the decoration, and the tiles on the floor and the tables". 

Koa & Ombu
Type of restaurant/pricing: Fusion, high range.
Location: Carrer de Sant Joan, 3, 07012 Palma & Passeig del Born, 5-7, 07012 Palma.

Where to shop


Type/Brands: Concept store
Location: 5, Costa d'en Brossa, 07001 Palma

Location: Passeig del Born, 2, 07012 Palma

"I know Oysho is a well-known store, but they do have some cute swimwear for a really really good price. I bought one white swimsuit here with tortoise-shell details which I have used so so much. I also bought a super cool crop-top (and I don't really like crop-tops!), because they do have som cute clothing as well". 


LTD Edition
Type/Brands: Art store
Location: Costa d'en Brossa, 6, 07001 Palma

Paula's Room
Type/Brands: Multibrand store (Ganni, Love Stories, Anine Bing etc.)
Location: Carrer dels Paraires, 15, 07001 Palma


Where to stay

HM Alma Beach
Cost: Mid range.
Location: Can Pastilla.

"The area around HM Alma Beach is not really that nice, so me and my sister were quite surprised when we walked into the lobby at the hotel. The whole hotel gave me "Bali" vibes. Everything was made out of straw, the hotel pools were super nice and the staff were so sweet. This hotel really gets you value for your money, and I would definitely stay again if I were going to Palma in the near future. The bus to the city centre took about 10 minutes and cost 1,5 euros". 

Puro Hotel Palma
Cost: High range.
Location: Palma city.

If you have any questions about Palma, let me know in the comments or contact me on Instagram.

The Tourist

Advertisement (as in the products were gifted)

When going on holiday, there is a few highly important essentials that one needs to bring, in order to be able to relax. Especially if one is going on a beach holiday. There is nothing worse then forgetting sunscreen as an example. A holiday filled with sunburns and staying in the shadow, is not a pleasant one if you ask me. That is why I brought some of my current favorite products to use in the sun on my holiday to Palma. 


1. Zara beachbag - Bought this in Palma. It's incredibly light which makes it perfect to stuff with beach essentials. It's not big enough to hold a towel, but all other stuff you would want to bring to the beach will fit. I love the colors, and that you can wear it both to the beach and when going to the city for some shopping. 

2. Replay sandals - The comfiest sandals I brought to Palma. Not only is the color super amazing, but the fit is perfect and the leather is so soft. The design is also a little bit different to any sandal I have ever seen before, which is great because with such a light shoe, it's hard to stand out design wise. 


Wearing: Bathingsuit by Bikbok, bag by Zara, sunglasses from Sunbuddies, silk scarf from Sandro and necklace by Mango.


3. Biotherm Crème Solaire spf 30 - I used this every single day on my face in Palma, and I didn't break out once, which one can tend to do with sunscreen. It soaks quickly into the skin, leaving it fresh and plump. 

4. Guerlain Terracotta Sun Protect spf 30 - I used this one completely up on my trip. Not only is the scent amazing, but it's so light on the skin and I do really love the idea of a tan enhancer in a sunscreen. I would prefer if the tube was a little bit bigger, so one wouldn't have to bring multiple bottles when going on a two week holiday for example. 

5. Guerlain Terracotta Rêve d'Eté - This is a "skin tint" of some sorts, that gives your skin a fresh summer tanned look without covering anything up. This also contains the tan enhancer which is why I used it under the Biotherm sunscreen every day. I also mixed this into my foundation during the evenings, to make it lighter on the skin and darker in color. 

6. Decléor Aroma Sun Expert Protective Hydrating Milk spa 30 - Another spf 30 that I brought with me on my trip. This one is also super light and soaks quickly into the skin, so one could say that it does what it promises (as in the hydrating milk part). One thing I prefer with this one is that a small amount goes a long way. This one looks barely touched, but I used the Guerlain one up completely on my 10-days long trip. 

What I Did in Palma

Went to Palma de Mallorca with my little sister Siril from the 5th of June to the 14th of June. We spent the 10 days relaxing, shopping and catching up on each others lives. We stayed at HM Alma Beah in Can Pastilla, which is a small beach town just outside of Palma. We got to enjoy the good qualities of a beach vacation, but also haveing the buzzing city just a 10 minute busride away. 


We were really surprised when we arrived to the hotel, and greater than we expected it to be. The hotel had a kind of Bali beach vibes over it, with the bamboo tables and chairs, the straw lamps and the aztec patterned cushions. There were also three sunbathing areas, which we made great use out of, as one does on holiday. 


We explored the city of Palma quite a few times, and discovered some amazing food and shopping spots that I will write about later in my "An Instagrammers Guide to:" series. I just love all of the rustic architecture, and that the old town is protected and well preserved. There is just something about that feeling you get when walking around in cobblestone streets, with old buildings with big windows covered in colorful window shutters. 


I also did some shopping while I was there. I have a major crush on everything that has something to do with the sea these days, so I got a hold of a few jewelry pieces that I have been wearing ever since I got them. Also regretting not getting this amazing white leather jacket from Bimba y Lola with a heart cutout on the back. Super cute. 


Then it was time to head back home. Had a short and sweet, hello and goodbye with my boyfriend at the airport in Palma, since he was going there right after me. Then me and my sister ate McDonalds (haha classy) and went on the plane, read Vogue and slept for the rest of the day..


Also made a super short video of a few clips I recorded while in Palma. Hopefully you like it, and if you want me to do more YouTube videos then please let me know! 

24H in Cannes

ADVERTISEMENT - Sponsored trip by Nelly.Com

Woke up at 03:00 in my apartment in Oslo to get ready to catch the bus down to the city centre, to meet up with the other travelers. At 05:00 I was finally on the bus to the airport, next stop; Stockholm. When we landed in Stockholm, we checked in to the Nelly Charter airplane, with destination Nice. The plane was of course all decked out with the Nelly Charter logo which made this trip even more surreal for me.. 


Decided to travel comfy and cute, and went for my trusty Acne Studios Manhattan sneakers, a straw hat from Lindex and a straw bag from Chêne. The clothes are all from Nelly, you can find the pants here, the shirt here and the blazer is sold out.. At 15:00 we finally arrived to the secret destination, which turned out to be the Palais Bulles. I have been wanting to go here ever since Dior showed their cruise collection at this location in 2016. The place is truly unique and breathtaking. If you ever get the chance to go there, I will highly recommend it. Especially for the great Instagram photo opportunities.. haha. 


Then it was finally time for lunch, after a long day of traveling. I changed into my new dotted jumpsuit from Nelly which you can find here.  I tucked in the "sleeves" and covered the cleavage with a scarf to make the jumpsuit more edgy. I paired it with these amazing kitten heels from Nelly, which looks so much more expensive then they were! You can find them here. Lastly, I threw on my Adax bumbag, my Monki sunglasses and my trusty Zara belt which literally goes with all of my looks.  


Then it was time for lunch. We were served a Hawaiian poke bowl with coconut marinated salmon, avocado, edamame and a bunch of other delicious ingredients. It was so so tasty. After lunch it was time to head back to Cannes to check in to our hotel. 


We checked into Hotel Martinez at the Croisette in Cannes. Such a stunning hotel! We had to hurry up and get ready to go back to the Palais Bulles, because we were to have dinner and drinks there as well. We were served this amazing fish with a cheese covered rice or something.. haha it was so tasty. We also had some chocolaty dessert before heading to the dance floor. My chosen attire for the evening was this belted dress from Nelly which you can find here. Paired it up with my Acne sneakers once again, my Acne bucket hat and an & Other Stories handbag.

The next morning I woke up at 07:45, and went down for some petit déjeuner before check-out at 09:00. Then it was time to head back to the airport to fly to Stockholm, and then to Oslo. For my airport attire on the way home I wore my COS bucket hat, my Zara belt once more and the Acne sneakers (which I am pretty sure you are tired of hearing about now?). All of the clothes are from You can find the sweater here, the pants here, the denim jacket here and the sunglasses here. 


Thank you for this amazing trip! I am so so grateful that I got to experience the South of France for the first time with you guys. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Day 1 & 2

Finally time to write to you about Copenhagen Fashion Week. It was my first time attending, which ment that I had to do a lot of work before I could actually go there. In the end I managed to get invited to 20 shows! But, since Copenhagen Fashion Week is so big, and the distances between the shows were quite long, I didn't manage to make it there on time to all of the shows..

Arriving to Copenhagen was such a dream. Imagine leaving from -6 celsius and snow in Norway to plus 6 degrees celsius in Copenhagen with no snow under our feet! It really felt like spring. We went and checked into out hotel, before we had to hurry to the first show which was Blanche; an up-and-coming brand that makes interesting basics with sporty details. 

We were really hungry after the show, because we had not eaten since the airport in Oslo. We decided to go to Café Norden which is quite a touristy place but they have the best nachos ever! Just look at the photo below, my mouth is watering just by thinking of eating that right now. After we finished the nachos, we decided to walk to the next show, which took like 30-40 minutes.. It was very exhausting, but also refreshing to get some "exercise" into our day. 

After the Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur show, we went to dinner with our friends Julie and Sonia, were we had delicious authentic italian pizza. Then we went to sleep.. 

The next day started of with us checking out of the hotel, and into Skt. Petri which was the official fashion week hotel. We checked into a beautiful suite which included a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a separate toilet. It was so nice to have a big space for our belongings, since it was in fact fashion week, and we were three staying in the room. Just imagine the mess, with everyone changing multiple times a day into different outfits. 


Right after check-in we had to rush over to the first show of the day which was the J.Lindeberg show. It was a really sporty collection, mainly consisting of black and white clothing, but also surprising colors like blue, orange and yellow. 

Wearing: H&M blouse, Rodebjer dress, Acne Studios beanie, H&M tights, Just Female bag and MSGM shoes. 

After the J.Lindeberg show, I was supposed to go to the Martin Asbjørn show, but we didn't manage to grab a taxi quick enough so we missed the show.. We drove back to the hotel, before I headed over to the Anne Vest show. She showcased a lot of colorful fur jackets with interesting details. Unfortunately I only took videos and no photos.. After the Anne Vest show, I went back to the hotel to change, before we got in a cab to try to make it to the Freya Dalsjø show.


Wearing: By Malene Birger pants and blazer, Marimekko shirt, Decadent bag, Komono sunglasses and H&M earrings. 

The Freya Dalsjø show was defiantly the show I was most excited to see during Copenhagen Fashion Week. I love her take on tailoring, making it super edgy and cool! Next show up was the By Malene Birger presentation. I really adore By Malene Birger, and I constantly wear her pieces. The black suit I wore for the show, had a green shimmery sheen to it, making it an interesting take on tailoring, which I do think both Freya Dalsjø and By Malene Birger have in common. 

The last two shows of the day ended up being Holzweiler and Bitte Kai Rand for us. Holzweiler really represented the Norwegian culture in their show with warm coats and hats, accessorized with snow boots and backpacks. After the Bitte Kai Rand show, we headed back to out hotel where we got ready to go to an event, but decided last minute that we would rather eat McDonalds and relax. As one do during fashion week, or maybe its only us? haha. 

Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 2 and 3

Thumbnail photo by Joanna Totolici for Vogue.Com

Day 2 of Stockholm Fashion Week started off at a breakfast event with Reschia shoes in the beautiful Lydmar hotel. The suite where the event was held, was the most gorgeous hotel room I have ever been in! The interior was just how I would love to have my own apartment look like, with fishbone floors, vintage rugs, designer furniture and amazing art. 

Wearing: Stand jacket, Monki dress, Lindex tights, Decadent bag and Veja sneakers. 

After the Reschia event, we decided to go shopping since we had some time on our hands. As I have expressed earlier on this blog, I love love love & Other Stories, so of course we went in there to have a look. Found myself some amazing jeans, a wide-sleeved shirt, a pair of glitter socks and the most amazing round bag which you will get a look at later in this post. Also went into Zara for a quick look through the selection there, and found some some super cool checked pants that I will get lots of use out of. After our little shopping spree, we sat down at Wienercaféet, which is a cute little place to eat some swedish pastries and drink some coffee. 


Then it was time for shows again. First off was Swedish Fashion Talents which I must say was one of the most interesting shows! Particularly one brand called Rave Review who use materials from secondhand clothing to make new great creations. Right after that show, we went directly to the Stand show, who showed fun jackets and coats as usual. 

Later that day, Reschia hosted another event at the Lydmar Hotel. We had lots of fun getting to know other people in the industry. For the event, I decided to change outfits into my newest purchases. We then attended the Whyred show, which was one of my favorites. They showed the most amazing wide denim pants, some super cool dresses and an outstanding mens collection. 

Wearing: & Other Stories shirt and bag, Zara pants, Asos patent coat and Nike sneakers.

After the Whyred show, we took a taxi to Tako where we had booked a table. Tako is an asian fusion restaurant which is my favorite type of restaurant. I had tempura shrimp and tuna sushi with jalapeño and a tiny egg. 

Our flight was scheduled to leave on the third day of Stockholm Fashion Week, so we did not have a lot of time to go to shows, but we managed to see some. The first show of the day was Naim Josefi, following that we had to check out of our hotel, then grab a quick lunch. We then headed to a meeting with Vass PR in Stockholm before we had to run to the Stylein show. After that we headed to the airport where our flight was delayed for two hours.. 

That was it for my first time at Stockholm Fashion Week. Next up is Oslo Fashion Week (or Oslo Runway as we call it in Norway) and Copenhagen Fashion Week. Let me know if you want to know more about Fashion Week and my experiences around it! 


Wearing: Lovechild 1979 blazer, Gina Tricot blouse, Glitter earrings, Sunbuddies sunglasses, Finery London pants, & Other Stories bag and Veja shoes. 

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Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 1

Long time no see, I suppose I should say. This last month has been super crazy and busy, that I just have not found the time to sit down and produce blog-content that I will be happy about. Just one week after I started on my fourth semester at the University, I sat myself on a plane heading to Stockholm for Fashion Week. It is my first time attending any fashion week outside of Norway, so it was really a huge jump for me. Not only did it take a lot of e-mailing back and forth to get into any shows, but it also needed a lot of planning hence why I did not manage to blog very often in January.  

I was in Stockholm from the 21st of January to the 23rd. We arrived early in the morning to be able to catch the first opening shows. On the photo above, you can see me and Nnennas airport outfits. We decided to stay super comfy and casual, both wearing big warm jackets, super cozy pants and sneakers. 

Wearing: Isabel Marant coat, Diemme long sleeve, Second Female pants, MSGM via Zalando sneakers and ATP Atelier bucket bag.

We checked in at Comfort Hotel Xpress Stockholm (Sponsored stay), which is perfect if you want a cheap but also a central hotel in Stockholm. During fashion weeks, we do not really spend any time at the hotel, because there is always something happening, so we only need a place to change clothing and sleep.

Photo on the left by Joanna Totolici for Wearing: Ganni knit, Iben skirt, H&M tights, ATP Atelier bag, Komono sunglasses and Nike sneakers. 

Started the day of at the Beckmans College of Design show, which was students showing their work. I think it is really interesting to see new and upcoming designers display their work, however I feel like for most design students these days it has become harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, and that really impacts their design. Instead of making something wearable, its all about making crazy and extravagant pieces that no-one can possibly wear. Hopefully these students made what they really wanted to make. The next show I went to was Johannes Adele and after that we visited the Glitter lounge at Grand Hotel, which was the most gorgeous suite with pink floors and cute jewelry all around. 


Photo by: Lisa Höök

On this day, we had brunch at Riche, which is the perfect spot to sit down in between shows. I have written about Riche in my "An Instagrammes Guide to: Stockholm" previously. I went for the eggs benedict, which tasted really delicious. After a rather quick lunch, we had to hurry back to the Grand Hotel where most of the shows were held, to watch Newhouse, followed by Busnel before heading to the Filippa K show. Ended the day at Max hamburger, because you know... it's fashion week haha.

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An Instagrammers Guide to: Stockholm

I enjoy traveling. I really really enjoy it. That is why I decided to start this series called "An Instagrammers Guide to". I often find, when searching for information on new destinations, that guides that are not too "touristy" are impossible to track down. I would not go to the length of calling my guides not touristy, because in fact: they are. BUT (!!) I will say this: My guides are made for people who want to enjoy a city or destination from all perspectives. They are for food lovers, that are not afraid to eat a greasy burger, nor spend some extra money on teeny tiny plates of gourmet. My guides are for fashion lovers, who love everything from vintage, to the high-street, to luxury goods. And most, most importantly: my guides are for Instagrammers! People that have no shame using flashlight in restaurants, taking outfit pictures in front of a crowd, or spamming their Instagram followers. Because when you are traveling, you are allowed to do that! So here's to NO SHAME! (Pssttt... if you don't familiarize with this, that is okey. You are welcome too!)

This is the second guide in the "An Instagrammers Guide to"-series. Click here to read about London.

Where to Eat

Berns Asian
Type of restaurant and pricing: Asian restaurant, SEK High range pricing.
Location: Berzelii Park 9

"I have always wanted to eat dinner at Berns. The venue is beautiful and has a lot of details, which me as an Instagrammer really appreciate. I had shrimp sushi and a glass of rosé. I imagine, if you go here during fashion week, that this is the perfect spot for people watching. They also have a lovely outside seating, which would be perfect for brunching".

Type of restaurant and pricing: French, SEK Mid range pricing.
Location: Birger Jarlsgatan 4

Type of restaurant and pricing: Foodcourt, SEK Low range pricing.
Location: Kungsgatan 25

Type of restaurant and pricing: Lebanese, SEK mid range pricing.
Location: Herkulesgatan 5

"Dad convinced me and my sister to go to this restaurant. It was right by out hotel, and as we were very hungry, we decided to give it a try. I have never been to a lebanese restaurant before, so I didn't know what to expect. As we couldn't decide on what to get, my dad just said to the waiter that he should decide. We got lots of different small platters with traditional lebanese food. Among these were hummus, fried halloumi etc. Everything tasted delicious, and the service was really great!".

Type of restaurant and pricing: Asian, SEK low range pricing.
Location: Klarabergsviadukten 65

Where to Shop

& Other Stories
Type/Brands: High-Street store, H&M-Group. 
Location: Biblioteksgatan 11

Type/Brands: Multibrandstore, Dagmar, Ganni, Rodebjer and Kaibosh among others.
Location: Norrlandsgatan 11

Type/Brands: Luxury brand store.
Location: Mäster Samuelsgatan 5

Type/Brands: Make-up store. Brands like Nars, Make-Up Forever, By Terry etc. 
Location: Biblioteksgatan 2-4

"Whenever I am in a city with a Sephora store, I just have to stop buy to stock up on some of my beauty favorites. We don't have Sephora in Norway, so there are a lot of beauty brands I cannot get ahold of here. I used to be quite a beauty junkie, and still have a big interest in make-up and skincare. Sephora is heaven for beauty-lovers!"

Beyond Retro
Type/Brands: Vintage
Location: Drottninggatan 77

Where to Stay

Hobo Hotel
Cost: Mid-range
Location: Brunkebergstorg 4

"We ordered our stay long before this hotel even had opened, so we were excited to see what it would be like when finished. Hobo Hotel is very central, so you can walk to most places if that is your preferred transportation. The hotel is quite hip, and has cool design features. If you want a cheaper alternative to a designer hotel, this is the place!"

Cost: High-range
Location: Berzelii Park 9

Cost: High-range
Location: Hötorget 13-15

What to See

What/Cost: Museum, SEK 135 for adult, 105 for students. 
Location: Stadgårdshamnen 22

"This is THE museum if you are interested in photography. I am quite interested in art, and especially photography, so Fotografiska is like heaven for me. They had old copies of Vogue, and a lot of fashion inspired photographies which is my preferred type of photography. They also have an amazing shop, where you can buy posters, coffee table books and post cards. Defiantly worth a visit!".

Gröna Lund
What/Cost: Theme park, price depends so check their website!
Location: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9

What/Cost: Rooftop bar, Free I think?
Location: Brunkebergstorg 2-4

Urban Deli Rooftop
What/Cost: Rooftop, free
Location: Sveavägen 44



An Instagrammers Guide to: London

I am neither a London native, nor based there. Let's just say: I enjoy traveling. I really really enjoy it. That is why I decided to start this series called "An Instagrammers Guide to". I often find, when searching for information on new destinations, that guides that are not too "touristy" are impossible to track down. I would not go to the length of calling my guides not touristy, because in fact: they are. BUT (!!) I will say this: My guides are made for people who want to enjoy a city or destination from all perspectives. They are for food lovers, that are not afraid to eat a greasy burger, nor spend some extra money on teeny tiny plates of gourmet. My guides are for fashion lovers, who love everything from vintage, to the high-street, to luxury goods. And most, most importantly: my guides are for Instagrammers! People that have no shame using flashlight in restaurants, taking outfit pictures in front of a crowd, or spamming their Instagram followers. Because when you are traveling, you are allowed to do that! So here's to NO SHAME! (Pssttt... if you don't familiarize with this, that is okey. You are welcome too!)

Where to Eat

Type of restaurant and pricing: Sushi restaurant, £ mid range pricing.
Location: 11 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London (They have 6 more locations as well).

"My friend Ida almost begged us to eat here when we were in London together with our group of friends from the University. Entering the danish restaurant in the middle of covent garden, we barely had any expectations. When I took my first bite, I was amazed. I have never tasted sushi this good anywhere. After a one-time visit to Sticks'n'sushi, I suddenly started to enjoy salmon sushi, which I have never done before. It doesn't really hurt that the interior is amazing, perfect opportunity to get that food shot up on Instagram". 

Burger and Lobster
Type of restaurant and pricing: Serves only burger, lobster and lobster roll. £10.00-26.00.
Location: Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Soho, Holborn, Leicester Square, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

Type of restaurant and pricing: Taco sharing, £3.95-5.50 per dish.
Location: Oxford Circus, Covent Garden and Westfield White City.

Type of restaurant and pricing: Asian, £low-mid range.
Location: Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Holborn, Victoria, Carnaby Street etc.

Shake Shack
Type of restaurant and pricing: Fast food, £5.50-8.75.
Location:  Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Westfield Stratford City

Le Pain Quotidien
Type of restaurant and pricing: Healthy breakfast and lunch, £low-mid range.
Location: Oxford Circus, Wardour Street, Kendal Street (Paddington) etc.

Good life Eatery
Type of restaurant and pricing: Healthy breakfast and lunch, £mid-range.
Location: Belgravia (Buckingham Palace), Chelsea Sloane Avenue, Marylebone Lane

Type of restaurant and pricing: Spanish Tapas, £ high range pricing.
Location: Dean Street, Adelaide Street & Drury Lane (Both in Covent Garden)

Where to shop

Old & New Bond Street
Type/Brands: Luxury shopping streets, brands like Gucci, Victoria's Secret, Dior, Cartier etc.
Location: Old Bond Street, New Bond Street

"These streets are like art galleries to me. Every shopping window is like an exhibit at a grand museum. The windows and boutique interiors call for perfect insta shots! If you are a student like me, you can't really afford ANYTHING in this street, but who am I kidding? We always find something we cannot live without. Victoria's Secret is one of the most "touristy" places I know when it comes to the fashion world. But I can't simply deny that that the Dream Angles: The Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra is the most amazing bra EVER.. well this went completely out of topic..."

Type/Brands: Department store w/ make-up and fashion, Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo etc.
Location: Brompton Road, Knightsbridge.

Type/Brands: Department store w/ make-up and fashion, Louis Vuitton, J Brand, Paige etc.
Location: Oxford Street.

Carnaby Street
Type/Brands: Shopping street, Toms, MAC, Brandy Melville, Cheap Monday etc.
Location: Carnaby Street (duh) near Oxford Street.

Type/Brands: Department store, make-up and fashion, NARS, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown etc.
Location: Between Oxford Street and Carnaby Street

& Other Stories
Type/Brands: Fashion store, H&M owned.
Location: Regent Street, Kings Road

"& Other Stories is actually one of the reasons why I travel to London time after time after time.. haha, as crazy as that sounds. I always find the greatest jewelry and shoes there, for a reasonable price. Me and my friend Beate always say: Ohh why can't & Other Stories have a location in Oslo.. and then we think that it probably is okey that the store isn't here. Because then it probably wouldn't appeal to us that much anymore". 

Where to Stay

"As a fashion loving student, I always travel to London with one goal: Use the least amount of money on hotel, and spend the rest on shopping.. That means that the only two hotels I have stayed at when visiting London, is both at a low range price point. St.Giles is about as central as you can get, just one corner away from Oxford Street. The rooms are okey, bathrooms are quite nice, but the location is perfect! I stayed at Westpoint Hotel last time I was in London, which also is super central. From here you can easily walk to Hyde Park which is at the "top" of Oxford Street. The rooms were recently renovated, and really surprised us positively when we entered. The facade is very instagramable, and the area has some really good photoshoot spots".

Westpoint Hotel
Location: Paddington
Cost: A student can afford it..

St.Giles Hotel
Location: Tottenham Court Road
Cost: A student can also afford this one..

Will update this guide whenever I discover something new and interesting about London.

TravelMaren SchiaComment
Antoni Gaudí

Something I really do appreciate is architecture. One of the main reasons I wanted to travel to Barcelona this summer, was because of all the famous architecture there, most of them being Antoni Gaudí's works. Me and my boyfriend visited three of them: Park Güell, La Sagrada Família and Casa Batlló. This first one is called Park Güell which is, as well as all of the other works from Gaudí, on the UNESCO's world heritage list. On these two first photos one can see the house that Gaudí lived in for many years. 

Me and my boyfriend unfortunately didn't manage to get tickets to go inside the main part of the park, but it is completely free to walk around the other areas of the park which are just as beautiful as the part you have to pay for.. There are plenty of amazing photo spots around the park for all you instagrammers out there. I recommend coming early if you want to avoid a huge crowd. 

La Sagrada Família is probably the most famous out of all of Gaudí's works. He worked on it until he died in 1926. One of the things I find most interesting about the basílica, was that Antoni Gaudí knew that he would never see it being finished. He also said that God was his client. The basílica is supposed to have 18 towers when it is finished, one for each of the 12 apostles, one for Virgin Mary and one for each of the four evangelists. The basílica also has two different facades, one is called the nativity facade and the other: the passion facade. La Sagrada is one of the places you cannot miss out on in Barcelona, but it is also the busiest. 

Casa Batlló is one of Gaudís most detailed works. The locals calls it the house of bones, because of its skeleton-like details. Case Batlló is located in the most popular shopping street, Passeig de Gràcia, which makes it super easy to manage a visit while browsing the shops. Me and my boyfriend didn't pay to go inside of it, but I think it is just as beautiful to look at from the outside. 

This fall I am going to study art history, as we have to take some other classes than media, at the university to get a bachelor that is well rounded. I am really excited to get a more in-depth understanding of art and especially architecture.