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Something Unexpected

I love having one clothing item or accessories be unexpected in my outfits, it really makes the attire more interesting and fun. These pink MSGM boots makes any outfit stand out, with the square toe and an interesting detail in the back, the boots became the focal point of the whole look. I really love the combination of pink and brown, so I decided to dress up in my all so trusty corduroy blazer from H&M, which surprisingly has become one of my most used items in 2017. 


I put on a green and white striped blouse from Nué Notes under the blazer, to add a some more color. Lastly for accessories I put on some big disrupted hoops from Maria Black, and an amazing handbag from Sonia Rykiel. I love adding extra detail and putting more effort into any look I wear, it does not only make the look more put together, but also makes me feel better. 


Wearing: Weekday jeans, Nué Notes blouse, H&M corduroy blazer, MSGM boots via Zalando, Maria  Black earrings and Sonia Rykiel bag via Zalando. 

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The Perfect Suit

December is finally here, and 2017 is close to an end. This also means that the party season is coming up with all the christmas get-togethers and dinner parties. This also raises the oh-so big question: WHAT DO I WEAR? 

Obviously one can't buy one new outfit for every occasion in December, so my tip for you is to invest in a suit. Not a business kind of suit, but a cool and relaxed co-ord. This one from Rodebjer is the perfect investment for this season. Not only does it look super good with both the blazer and the suit pants matched together, but also separate. Think the pants with a silky patterned top, some golden necklaces and a pair of heels. Or have the blazer open, paired with a fun dress some kitten heels with glitter socks in them? I could probably go on an on, but my point is, there is so many ways you can style up something like this. 


I decided to go with a bit more casual look, and paired it with some a-m-a-z-i-n-g boots from ATP Atelier. I put on my merino wool turtleneck underneath to keep me warm and cozy. To make the outfit a tad bit more interesting I put on some yellow lensed sunglasses from Kaibosh and these amazing brushed golden hoops from Maria Black. 


Wearing: Rodebjer blazer and pants, Cubus turtleneck, Maria Black earrings, ATP atelier shoes and Kibosh sunglasses.

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A Short Guide to Easy Dressing

This upcoming season makes the dressing-game just that much harder. The cold is not a friend with fashion sometimes, I must say. That's why I decided to write a teeny tiny guide to easy (and warm) dressing. 


1. Co-ords, or coordinated sets if you will. You are literary finished in just some seconds, because you have your whole outfit in front of you! One can mix and match these co-ords with different shoes, bags and jewelry, and get more use out of the set. This By Malene Birger set is in a wool blend, which is perfect for this season; Actually a necessity if I say so myself. How else would you stay warm?


2. Stick with your faves. Is it one thing that doesn't combine well with winter, is experimenting with new styles/fabrics. My motivation for dressing cool is actually at it's lowest during the winter. So if you want easy dressing, then just stick to your faves. What I'll be wearing this winter is: Long-lined blazers in different colors, denim jeans that DOESN'T show my ankle haha, two different wool coats, one shorter warm jacket and one longer fake fur jacket, merino wool basic sweaters etc. This will be my uniform, just alternating between the different jackets and jeans and what not. 

And now the guide is over. I said it was short.


Wearing: By Malene Birger pants and coat, Cubus merino wool sweater, Toteme turtleneck, Carré earrings and Nike sneakers.

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The Colors of The Season

Something we all do, no matter if it is intentional or not, is to dress accordingly to the season. The fall equals brown, black, beige and warm tones in those spectres. Maybe it's our way of blending in? Maybe it's depended on a deeper unintentional thought in our heads? I can't say why we do this, and some of us don't depend on the season at all when dressing. But one thing that is quite constant, is that trends mostly "tell" us that these are the colors of the season. I am sure you have heard that burgundy, khaki and brown belongs to fall? Or pastels, light denim and beige trench coats belongs to spring? 

However, sometimes it is also fun to break these norms, if I can call them that. In this outfit I am not breaking any norms, but challenging the seasons colors in an interesting way. Many people would for example not pair a black pair of satin trousers with a dirty-brown corduroy blazer, but you will be surprised what you can match up together if you just try it on! 


I bought this corduroy suit from H&M a while a go, and I must say; I have really been getting my use out of it. At first the color really really put me off. But with my brown hair and brown eyes, it really warms up my complexion. Not only is corduroy one of the biggest, if not the nr 1 trend of the season. It adds a surprising touch to any outfit, whether I use it with denim or a patterned dress. I definitely do not regret buying it. 


Wearing: H&M pants and blazer, Cubus merino wool sweater, Veja sneakers, POC scarf, Triwa watch, Mango sunglasses and Monki socks.

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Something New

I have recently discovered something new about myself. It seems like I turn to color when everything around me turns grey. In the summer I rarely wear color. I use clothes in black, white grey and tones in that color scheme. Now that the winter has taken over Norway, I realized that my outfits are becoming more and more colorful. I surprised myself when I bought this dress. I saw it and just had to try it on. Turns out it was a perfect fit. I am not a pink kinda gal, but there was just something it that I loved. 


Wearing: H&M dress, Isabel Marant bag, Mango sunglasses and Veja sneakers.

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Match Your Surroundings

When your the weather is getting colder, our outfits becomes different, changing depending on the surroundings. Found this jacket at Mango, it is from the Mango Committed Collection which is all about sustainable fashion. I think it's hard to get a proper silhouette during the colder months when dressing, because almost all wool coats are long. This one is higher in the back and lower in the front, which makes it perfect to wear with skirts when you want to show of some figure, but also stay warm. 


Wearing: Mango Committed jacket, Zara skirt, Baum und Pferdgarten bag, Le Specs sunglasses and Isabel Marant shoes.

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When the Words Stylish and Winter Don't Go Hand in Hand..

Often when I dress myself, I rarely think about the temperature outside. I am usually really happy about my outfit until I get outdoors, and I start to notice the freezing cold sneaking up on me. Then I regret my decision making for my earlier dress-up.. But the next morning, I do the same mistake again. I couldn't help but wonder: Why does it have to be so hard to dress stylish and warm at the same time?


I am still learning about my mistakes, but I am getting better. One day I will probably fall upon the past, and dress to impress rather then dress to non-stress (trying to make it rhyme you know.. haha). Because in reality, it is really stressful to be freezing when there exists other options. So I have a few tips for those of you that value styling over warmth:

1. Think inside, rather then outside: Many peoples common misconception is that you have to wear a wool coat or a parka in order to stay warm. Many people also only own like one or two winter coats and/or jackets, and get tired of them because you are basically in the same outfit everyday. If you hate this as much as me, use this tip: layer up with wool close to your body. I prefer a 100% merino wool sweater as close to my body as possible, and also wool leggings to have on under my jeans. In this particular outfit, I also topped it of with a alpaca wool blend knit from Isabel Marant to really keep the warmth. 

2. When taking photos, just remove: I know this tip sounds stupid but if you are like me, and you love taking photos for Instagram, you know that gloves, scarfs and beanies doesn't always look great in a styling photo. I get really cold on my hands when I am outside in low temperature, so it is important for me to wear gloves. When I decide to take an outfit picture, I just take them of, snap a bunch of photos quickly, and then put them on again!

3. Thin. Wool. Socks: You heard me! Wool socks doesn't have to be the traditional chunky ribbed handmade gift that you receive every christmas, they actually exist in all black and thin! These thin wool socks will fit perfectly into your sneakers, but keep you warmed then the normal cotton ones. If you are a fan of sparkly glitter socks, I highly recommend wearing the thin wool sock underneath, because let's face it: Lurex is not warm!!


Wearing: Isabel Marant knit and hat, Weekday jeans, Veja sneakers, & Other Stories bag, vintage belt and Ideal of Sweden phone case. 

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Eggs Benny

There is nothing better then to start a Sunday, my only off day during the week, with a huge breakfast and a good friend. My friend Dina and me went to The Nighthawk Diner here in Oslo and had a traditional american/british breakfast. Dina had chocolate pancakes and a milkshake, I had eggs benedict and freshly pressed orange juice. We both had coffees because what is a Sunday breakfast without some coffee? 


I decided to dress casual with a twist. I put on some Zara jeans and a white tee, threw my checked coat on top, and added an element of surprise. I always want to wear something surprising to make an outfit more interesting. I put pink glitter socks in my rose gold heels, and added some yellow sunnies to top of the look. Let's just say, a LOT of people stared at my feet this day.. haha. 


Wearing: Zara jeans and shoes, Monki socks, Baum Und Pferdgarten coat, Commes des Garcons t-shirt and Kaibosh sunglasses. 

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When Comfy is Key

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable. The idea of wearing stiff jeans, heels and tight tops makes getting up from bed in the morning even harder then it already is. So sometimes, you just decide to dress comfy! But most often, comfy seem to be the equivalent of wearing sweatpants, or tights, or hoodies, or big chunky knits.  In other words: Boring outfits! So I decided to challenge this "norm" and put together an outfit that is super comfy, and yet stylish. 


This loose dress from Nué Notes is really comfortable, because it is not tight or hugging your body anywhere. To keep with the loose and flowy theme, I matched it up with this seasons H&M brown corduroy blazer. And lastly, what is comfiness without some sneakers? I added peachy glitter socks to make the outfit a tad bit more interesting. To make the outfit complete, just add some sunnies and a bag, then you are good to go (in the most comfiest way).

Snapseed (1).jpeg

Wearing: Nué Notes dress, H&M blazer, ATP Atelier bag, MSGM via Zalando sneakers, Monki socks and Céline sunglasses. 

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Red Leather Pants

It is not often I wake up early to have breakfast at a café instead of home, very rarely actually. So when me and my friend Dina decided to test out the breakfast at Albert Bistro here in Oslo, I was really excited. Not only was the breakfast perfectly made (and perfectly instagrammable hehe), but the sun was actually shining, which made that Saturday morning incredible. We had coffees, croissants and freshly pressed orange juices. 


I really wanted to wear these crazy red leather pants from By Malene Birger, but styling them was not so easy. I am usually a person who almost always wear something black, but with these leather pants I almost felt to "rocker-y" if that can be a word haha. So to soften up the quite in-your-face leather pants, I paired it with a cream colored silk blouse. I added my favorite cropped Mango jacket in the same tone as the silk shirt, and just to make the outfit a tad bit more interesting, I put on a silk neckerchief from Nué Notes in a gorgeous green color. 


These ATP Atelier fury slip-on loafers are to die for, but since fall is here, I had to put on some snazzy glitter socks to keep my feet somewhat warm. Lastly I added my square H&M shades, and my trusty old & Other Stories bag, which seems to match up to almost all of my outfits. 


Wearing: By Malene Birger pants and silk blouse, Mango jacket, Nué Notes scarf, ATP Atelier loafers, Monki socks, H&M sunglasses, & Other Stories bag, Carré ring and Weekday earrings. 

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The Secret to a Pattern Mix

Pattern mixing have become a huge trend this season. Nailing the oh so huge trend can often be oh so tricky.. I am not a huge contributor to this trend, but last week I decided to give it a try. I think the key to nailing a pattern clashing outfit, is to just try it on! You never know what can look good until you put it on your body. Another tip to have in mind is to coordinate colors. In this outfit I matched the amazing yellow/mustard colored boots from ATP with the stripes of this rib knit from By Malene Birger. I think coordinating colors in a pattern mixed outfit is key to success. The third and last tip is to have a unicolored jacket (or another clothing item) to break up the two different patterns. This outfit would look r-i-d-i-culous without the denim jacket. The unicolored piece helps separate the stripes and the checks, making this attire somewhat more eye-appealing hehe.. But most importantly (and cliche) is to just have fun with it! 


Wearing: & Other Stories jacket, By Malene Birger sweater, Zara skirt, ATP Atelier boots and bag and Le Specs sunglasses. 

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Pajama Party

This was honestly one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn. This silky set from By Malene Birger can be styled casual like I have done here, or you can wear it with heels and some big earrings for a night out. 


Wearing: Baum Und Pferdgarten coat, By Malene Birger pants, shirt and belt, ATP Atelier bag and Veja Sneakers.

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Villa Stenersen

Spent today at Villa Stenersen, a beautiful villa made by the Norwegian architect Arne Korsmo. I am currently studying art history to compliment my ongoing bachelors degree in media science. Since I am going for a career in fashion, I think it is good to have a basic understanding for art, and how it influences fashion. One of my favorite topics within art history is architecture, so it is nice to go to these kinds of exhibits to get a more in depth understanding and to see it up close. Villa Stenersen is open only on sundays until the 31st of October, so be sure to check it out!


Went there with my good friend Dina, and we of course snapped some photos of out attire. I really really like the picture of us below, as I am much a fan of contrasting components within a photo. Also have to say, these ATP Atelier boots are literally fall boot goals! 


Wearing: By Malene Birger blazer, ATP Atelier boots and bag, Zara skirt, Isabel Marant Etoilé t-shirt and Ganni sunglasses. 

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Lost in Translation

I know it seems crazy to say but I am always on the look-out for a new location to shoot content at. Whenever I see a beautiful building or good looking architecture, I think "I should go there and shoot photos". I am quite obsessive with my Instagram account, which I know can sound a little dumb, but I am just so passionate about imagery and expressing myself through different art forms. I saw this one location on Instagram, and my mind was blown. How can I live in Oslo and not know about beautiful places like this? Only a 5 minute walk from my work as well haha.. Anyways, me and my friend Dina headed out last Sunday to grab a coffee, which seemed impossible since every café we found was closed. We went to different locations and shot lots and lots of content, take a look!


Wearing: Isabel Marant shoes, jacket and hat, Weekday jeans, & Other Stories bag, boyfriends old shirt, Kaibosh glasses and vintage belt. 

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The Botanical Garden

These new Weekday jeans are my current favorites. They were sold out everywhere in my size everywhere, so I got so desperate that I bought them too big and took them to the tailors. Now they fit like a glove! I think they will be a wardrobe staple for me during fall and winter, since they are so long and wide, I can easily fit in wool leggings to keep me warm. 


Wearing: Weekday jeans, Zara shoes, & Other Stories bag, Isabel Marant blouse and vest, H&M sunglasses, Maria Black earrings.

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A Fall Staple

Jackets and coats are some of my favorite clothing items to buy. Your outerwear can change the whole look and feeling of an outfit. I have stocked up on some statement jackets and coats before fall and winter is approaching. The problem with doing so, is that I cannot resist wearing them until the weather is perfect. Even tho the weather isn't really coat-ready, I had to wear this coat earlier this week. It is so cool, and yet so effortless. It really is a fall staple for me. 


Wearing: H&M coat, Mango pants, H&M necklace, Triwa watch, Isabel Marant Etoile tee, Isabel Marant boots, Mariablack earrings, Le Specs sunglasses and Chêne bag. 

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A New Take on Day to Night

Day to night dressing. It's a really hard look to master. How can you stay casual and business appropriate at the office, and then go out for dinner and drinks right after, without feeling too overdressed or the opposite? I wore this last Thursday, where I did just that; Go straight from office to dinner. Not saying that I cracked the code, only that I discovered something interesting.


By adding a blazer and belt to cover up the see-through top, the look suddenly became more casual, different and also office appropriate. I think the key to crack the day to night code, is to base your look upon a statement top of some sort. Dress it down with jeans and boots, and cover it up with a blazer for work. Get rid of the blazer when the office day ends, and voilà: ready for dinner. 


Wearing: Boyfriends old blazer, Weekday jeans, Isabel Marant boots, H&M blouse, vintage belt, & Other Stories bag and Céline sunglasses.

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Back To Basics

Mondays call for simple outfits, and this Monday was no exception. Yesterday I decided to put on my basic uniform consisting of jeans, a white tee, blazer, belt and sunnies. I finally found some high waisted jeans that actually fit me. Being 178cm, most high waisted jeans are normal waist fitted on my body.. These ones from & Other Stories are perfect on the waist, if only they could make them longer on the legs. I can bare with that tho. 

I borrowed my boyfriends blazer from he was 14 years old, it fits me like a glove! I would never have thought that I would be walking around with his suit blazer from he was a little kid. Well I guess that it proves that you don't have to invest in something before you have checked the basement and the attic.. haha.

Wearing: Boyfriends blazer, & Other Stories jeans and tee, vintage belt, Castañer espadrilles, Le Specs sunglasses and Chêne bag.

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What I Wore in: Stockholm

Hi again! Finally I decided to just jump into it and release my website. I have been working on this site for quite some time now, that I almost felt scared to share it. Anyways, I thought I would continue with the theme of what I wore on vacation, and write a post about my outfits from Stockholm. This first one I wore when I met up with my friend Beate. We strolled around the city in the most beautiful weather, and just enjoyed each others company. 

Wearing: Mango jacket, Isabel Marant boots, & Other Stories t-shirt, Totême jeans and a vintage belt.

One of the reasons for my trip to Stockholm was that me and my sister were taking our dad to the Robbie Williams concert. Since this was the occasion I decided to "rock" up my look a bit. Earlier this day I bought myself these flared jeans, the necklace, the t-shirt and the jacket.. haha ops. I am so glad I bought this denim jacket with shoulder pads tho, so I cannot wait to style it more into fall. 

Wearing: & Other Stories jacket, jeans, t-shirt and bag, Uterqüe heels and H&M necklace.


It was quite cold on our first day in Stockholm, so when me and my sister headed out to browse around the area by our hotel, I had to wear a jacket and long jeans. I love these jeans from & Other Stories, they are super comfy! You can find them on my "Shop My Wardrobe" option in the menu, and I will suggest you go a size or two down, at least I wish that I had done that..

Wearing: Mango Jacket, & Other Stories jeans and bag, Isabel Marant boots and H&M top. 

One night we had dinner at the wonderful Berns hotel, at their asian restaurant. Their sushi was almost as amazing as the venue. I will follow up this post with a guide to Stockholm shortly. 

Wearing: & Other Stories jacket and bag, Isabel Marant jeans, Mango shoes and Gucci belt. 

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What I Wore in: Barcelona

Me and my boyfriend spent 10 days in Barcelona, and those 10 days wasn't about taking Instagrams or dressing to impress. Therefore the amount of outfits I got to document was few, and the pictures taken each time was countable on one hand. That is why I decided to make one full post about every outfit we took pictures of in Barcelona. This first outfit I actually wore on the last day there, when we visited La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. We didn't manage to get tickets to either of them, but Park Güell was just as beautiful to visit without tickets. I love the mix of different colors, and this new Hermés twilly, that I was so lucky to receive from my boyfriend, spices up every outfit.

Wearing: Zara dress, H&M belt, & Other Stories bag, Hermés scarf, Triwa watch, Carré ring, Zara sandals and Weekday earrings. 

When you only take one picture, and your face doesn't quite look on point.. hehe. This outfit I wore when we went out for dinner and drinks. First we had dinner at Boca Grande, and later on drinks at Paradiso and Creps al Born. 

Wearing: FWSS skirt, Zara body, & Other Stories bag, Zara shoes and Triwa watch.

One day we went out to eat italian food and I decided to try out my new Uterqüe shoes. Although it was quite warm in the evenings I still wore jeans sometimes because I just couldn't resist it. I think kitten heels look so good and so much better with jeans then with bare legs. 

Wearing: H&M top, Totême jeans, & Other Stories bag, Uterqüe heels and Zara scarf. 

You cannot go on vacation and not bring a wrap dress, or at least it seems like this these days. Wrap dresses have become so popular, and I can't blame anyone, they are indeed really comfortable and flattering. I found this one at Vero Moda in Norway, and used it both when going shopping in Barcelona, and also on the beach as a coverup. 

Wearing: Vero Moda dress, Chéne bag, Ganni sunglasses, Triwa watch, and Kenzo for H&M sunglasses.

When going out to dance, I am not one of those girls that will go for short dresses and high heels. I think I was the only girl in the whole club wearing blue denim jeans and Vans, and I was even lucky to get into the club wearing this haha..

Wearing: & Other Stories jeans, Vans shoes, Uterqüe top, Holzweiler scarf and Triwa watch. 

I have been looking for a decent pair of denim shorts for a long time. I really wanted some from Re/Done, but they didn't have my size in any of the stockists in Oslo, and I hate ordering online. Found this pair at & Other Stories and they will do for now. 

Wearing: & Other Stories shorts, t-shirt and bag, Castañer shoes and Triwa watch.

Running out to grab some late night tacos wearing this. We walked to this really cool and delicious taco place near Arc de Triomf. I will write more about all the places we dined in Barcelona in an upcoming post! 

Wearing: & Other Stories jeans and top, Zara shoes, H&M belt, Hermés scarf, Chéne bag and Kaibosh sunglasses.