Red Leather Pants

It is not often I wake up early to have breakfast at a café instead of home, very rarely actually. So when me and my friend Dina decided to test out the breakfast at Albert Bistro here in Oslo, I was really excited. Not only was the breakfast perfectly made (and perfectly instagrammable hehe), but the sun was actually shining, which made that Saturday morning incredible. We had coffees, croissants and freshly pressed orange juices. 


I really wanted to wear these crazy red leather pants from By Malene Birger, but styling them was not so easy. I am usually a person who almost always wear something black, but with these leather pants I almost felt to "rocker-y" if that can be a word haha. So to soften up the quite in-your-face leather pants, I paired it with a cream colored silk blouse. I added my favorite cropped Mango jacket in the same tone as the silk shirt, and just to make the outfit a tad bit more interesting, I put on a silk neckerchief from Nué Notes in a gorgeous green color. 


These ATP Atelier fury slip-on loafers are to die for, but since fall is here, I had to put on some snazzy glitter socks to keep my feet somewhat warm. Lastly I added my square H&M shades, and my trusty old & Other Stories bag, which seems to match up to almost all of my outfits. 


Wearing: By Malene Birger pants and silk blouse, Mango jacket, Nué Notes scarf, ATP Atelier loafers, Monki socks, H&M sunglasses, & Other Stories bag, Carré ring and Weekday earrings. 

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