When Comfy is Key

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable. The idea of wearing stiff jeans, heels and tight tops makes getting up from bed in the morning even harder then it already is. So sometimes, you just decide to dress comfy! But most often, comfy seem to be the equivalent of wearing sweatpants, or tights, or hoodies, or big chunky knits.  In other words: Boring outfits! So I decided to challenge this "norm" and put together an outfit that is super comfy, and yet stylish. 


This loose dress from Nué Notes is really comfortable, because it is not tight or hugging your body anywhere. To keep with the loose and flowy theme, I matched it up with this seasons H&M brown corduroy blazer. And lastly, what is comfiness without some sneakers? I added peachy glitter socks to make the outfit a tad bit more interesting. To make the outfit complete, just add some sunnies and a bag, then you are good to go (in the most comfiest way).

Snapseed (1).jpeg

Wearing: Nué Notes dress, H&M blazer, ATP Atelier bag, MSGM via Zalando sneakers, Monki socks and Céline sunglasses. 

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