A Short Guide to Easy Dressing

This upcoming season makes the dressing-game just that much harder. The cold is not a friend with fashion sometimes, I must say. That's why I decided to write a teeny tiny guide to easy (and warm) dressing. 


1. Co-ords, or coordinated sets if you will. You are literary finished in just some seconds, because you have your whole outfit in front of you! One can mix and match these co-ords with different shoes, bags and jewelry, and get more use out of the set. This By Malene Birger set is in a wool blend, which is perfect for this season; Actually a necessity if I say so myself. How else would you stay warm?


2. Stick with your faves. Is it one thing that doesn't combine well with winter, is experimenting with new styles/fabrics. My motivation for dressing cool is actually at it's lowest during the winter. So if you want easy dressing, then just stick to your faves. What I'll be wearing this winter is: Long-lined blazers in different colors, denim jeans that DOESN'T show my ankle haha, two different wool coats, one shorter warm jacket and one longer fake fur jacket, merino wool basic sweaters etc. This will be my uniform, just alternating between the different jackets and jeans and what not. 

And now the guide is over. I said it was short.


Wearing: By Malene Birger pants and coat, Cubus merino wool sweater, Toteme turtleneck, Carré earrings and Nike sneakers.

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