The Colors of The Season

Something we all do, no matter if it is intentional or not, is to dress accordingly to the season. The fall equals brown, black, beige and warm tones in those spectres. Maybe it's our way of blending in? Maybe it's depended on a deeper unintentional thought in our heads? I can't say why we do this, and some of us don't depend on the season at all when dressing. But one thing that is quite constant, is that trends mostly "tell" us that these are the colors of the season. I am sure you have heard that burgundy, khaki and brown belongs to fall? Or pastels, light denim and beige trench coats belongs to spring? 

However, sometimes it is also fun to break these norms, if I can call them that. In this outfit I am not breaking any norms, but challenging the seasons colors in an interesting way. Many people would for example not pair a black pair of satin trousers with a dirty-brown corduroy blazer, but you will be surprised what you can match up together if you just try it on! 


I bought this corduroy suit from H&M a while a go, and I must say; I have really been getting my use out of it. At first the color really really put me off. But with my brown hair and brown eyes, it really warms up my complexion. Not only is corduroy one of the biggest, if not the nr 1 trend of the season. It adds a surprising touch to any outfit, whether I use it with denim or a patterned dress. I definitely do not regret buying it. 


Wearing: H&M pants and blazer, Cubus merino wool sweater, Veja sneakers, POC scarf, Triwa watch, Mango sunglasses and Monki socks.

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