When the Words Stylish and Winter Don't Go Hand in Hand..

Often when I dress myself, I rarely think about the temperature outside. I am usually really happy about my outfit until I get outdoors, and I start to notice the freezing cold sneaking up on me. Then I regret my decision making for my earlier dress-up.. But the next morning, I do the same mistake again. I couldn't help but wonder: Why does it have to be so hard to dress stylish and warm at the same time?


I am still learning about my mistakes, but I am getting better. One day I will probably fall upon the past, and dress to impress rather then dress to non-stress (trying to make it rhyme you know.. haha). Because in reality, it is really stressful to be freezing when there exists other options. So I have a few tips for those of you that value styling over warmth:

1. Think inside, rather then outside: Many peoples common misconception is that you have to wear a wool coat or a parka in order to stay warm. Many people also only own like one or two winter coats and/or jackets, and get tired of them because you are basically in the same outfit everyday. If you hate this as much as me, use this tip: layer up with wool close to your body. I prefer a 100% merino wool sweater as close to my body as possible, and also wool leggings to have on under my jeans. In this particular outfit, I also topped it of with a alpaca wool blend knit from Isabel Marant to really keep the warmth. 

2. When taking photos, just remove: I know this tip sounds stupid but if you are like me, and you love taking photos for Instagram, you know that gloves, scarfs and beanies doesn't always look great in a styling photo. I get really cold on my hands when I am outside in low temperature, so it is important for me to wear gloves. When I decide to take an outfit picture, I just take them of, snap a bunch of photos quickly, and then put them on again!

3. Thin. Wool. Socks: You heard me! Wool socks doesn't have to be the traditional chunky ribbed handmade gift that you receive every christmas, they actually exist in all black and thin! These thin wool socks will fit perfectly into your sneakers, but keep you warmed then the normal cotton ones. If you are a fan of sparkly glitter socks, I highly recommend wearing the thin wool sock underneath, because let's face it: Lurex is not warm!!


Wearing: Isabel Marant knit and hat, Weekday jeans, Veja sneakers, & Other Stories bag, vintage belt and Ideal of Sweden phone case. 

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