An Instagrammers Guide to: London

I am neither a London native, nor based there. Let's just say: I enjoy traveling. I really really enjoy it. That is why I decided to start this series called "An Instagrammers Guide to". I often find, when searching for information on new destinations, that guides that are not too "touristy" are impossible to track down. I would not go to the length of calling my guides not touristy, because in fact: they are. BUT (!!) I will say this: My guides are made for people who want to enjoy a city or destination from all perspectives. They are for food lovers, that are not afraid to eat a greasy burger, nor spend some extra money on teeny tiny plates of gourmet. My guides are for fashion lovers, who love everything from vintage, to the high-street, to luxury goods. And most, most importantly: my guides are for Instagrammers! People that have no shame using flashlight in restaurants, taking outfit pictures in front of a crowd, or spamming their Instagram followers. Because when you are traveling, you are allowed to do that! So here's to NO SHAME! (Pssttt... if you don't familiarize with this, that is okey. You are welcome too!)

Where to Eat

Type of restaurant and pricing: Sushi restaurant, £ mid range pricing.
Location: 11 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London (They have 6 more locations as well).

"My friend Ida almost begged us to eat here when we were in London together with our group of friends from the University. Entering the danish restaurant in the middle of covent garden, we barely had any expectations. When I took my first bite, I was amazed. I have never tasted sushi this good anywhere. After a one-time visit to Sticks'n'sushi, I suddenly started to enjoy salmon sushi, which I have never done before. It doesn't really hurt that the interior is amazing, perfect opportunity to get that food shot up on Instagram". 

Burger and Lobster
Type of restaurant and pricing: Serves only burger, lobster and lobster roll. £10.00-26.00.
Location: Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Soho, Holborn, Leicester Square, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

Type of restaurant and pricing: Taco sharing, £3.95-5.50 per dish.
Location: Oxford Circus, Covent Garden and Westfield White City.

Type of restaurant and pricing: Asian, £low-mid range.
Location: Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Holborn, Victoria, Carnaby Street etc.

Shake Shack
Type of restaurant and pricing: Fast food, £5.50-8.75.
Location:  Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Westfield Stratford City

Le Pain Quotidien
Type of restaurant and pricing: Healthy breakfast and lunch, £low-mid range.
Location: Oxford Circus, Wardour Street, Kendal Street (Paddington) etc.

Good life Eatery
Type of restaurant and pricing: Healthy breakfast and lunch, £mid-range.
Location: Belgravia (Buckingham Palace), Chelsea Sloane Avenue, Marylebone Lane

Type of restaurant and pricing: Spanish Tapas, £ high range pricing.
Location: Dean Street, Adelaide Street & Drury Lane (Both in Covent Garden)

Where to shop

Old & New Bond Street
Type/Brands: Luxury shopping streets, brands like Gucci, Victoria's Secret, Dior, Cartier etc.
Location: Old Bond Street, New Bond Street

"These streets are like art galleries to me. Every shopping window is like an exhibit at a grand museum. The windows and boutique interiors call for perfect insta shots! If you are a student like me, you can't really afford ANYTHING in this street, but who am I kidding? We always find something we cannot live without. Victoria's Secret is one of the most "touristy" places I know when it comes to the fashion world. But I can't simply deny that that the Dream Angles: The Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra is the most amazing bra EVER.. well this went completely out of topic..."

Type/Brands: Department store w/ make-up and fashion, Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo etc.
Location: Brompton Road, Knightsbridge.

Type/Brands: Department store w/ make-up and fashion, Louis Vuitton, J Brand, Paige etc.
Location: Oxford Street.

Carnaby Street
Type/Brands: Shopping street, Toms, MAC, Brandy Melville, Cheap Monday etc.
Location: Carnaby Street (duh) near Oxford Street.

Type/Brands: Department store, make-up and fashion, NARS, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown etc.
Location: Between Oxford Street and Carnaby Street

& Other Stories
Type/Brands: Fashion store, H&M owned.
Location: Regent Street, Kings Road

"& Other Stories is actually one of the reasons why I travel to London time after time after time.. haha, as crazy as that sounds. I always find the greatest jewelry and shoes there, for a reasonable price. Me and my friend Beate always say: Ohh why can't & Other Stories have a location in Oslo.. and then we think that it probably is okey that the store isn't here. Because then it probably wouldn't appeal to us that much anymore". 

Where to Stay

"As a fashion loving student, I always travel to London with one goal: Use the least amount of money on hotel, and spend the rest on shopping.. That means that the only two hotels I have stayed at when visiting London, is both at a low range price point. St.Giles is about as central as you can get, just one corner away from Oxford Street. The rooms are okey, bathrooms are quite nice, but the location is perfect! I stayed at Westpoint Hotel last time I was in London, which also is super central. From here you can easily walk to Hyde Park which is at the "top" of Oxford Street. The rooms were recently renovated, and really surprised us positively when we entered. The facade is very instagramable, and the area has some really good photoshoot spots".

Westpoint Hotel
Location: Paddington
Cost: A student can afford it..

St.Giles Hotel
Location: Tottenham Court Road
Cost: A student can also afford this one..

Will update this guide whenever I discover something new and interesting about London.

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