I Got a Feeling

Even though I finished all of my exams the 1st of June, I still feel super stressed and I am unable to completely relax and get that feeling of vacation. I am working full-time combining my internship and part-time job, and just using the evenings to relax. On top of all that I am about to move, and since I am going to Barcelona before my lease is up, I have to be completely done with moving before leaving for holiday. 

But I must say, one thing that really get my nerves to calm down, is the nice weather. We have some up- and downsides when it comes to weather in Norway, but when the sun is out, there is nothing better than putting on a summer dress and getting out to enjoy the weather. I am not really a dress type of gal, but this one I first saw on a danish editor's Instagram, and completely fell in love. It didn't really hurt that it was from H&M either. I am planning to wear it on its own, with belts, with t-shirts underneath, over white denim jeans and so on. Maybe I will post an how to style a dress in (insert number) ways some day. 

Wearing: H&M dress, H&M belt, H&M sunglasses, Superga shoes, Zara scarf, Weekday earrings and ChĂȘne bag.