A Dress

I always struggle to find dresses I really like. I think it has something to do with the fact that dresses are indeed very girly. My style is nowhere near girly and romantic, so to find a dress I feel somewhat like myself in is difficult. 

But, when I first tried on this Mango dress I actually liked it! The dress was quite flattering on my figure as well. I always follow the tip: If I find a dress I actually like, I will buy it. You don't always need to have a specific occasion in your mind when dress shopping, you can always save the dress for it. When the time comes where you actually need a dress for anything, It is really hard to find one that is one hundred precent you. 

This was my outfit to my friend Martine's birthday. She had a summer themed party, so I took it all out and combined the dress with some slippers, a straw bag and some sunnies. I liked how the yellow in the dress matched with my yellow sandals and the lenses in my sunglasses. 

Wearing: Mango dress, Zara sandals, Chéne bag and Kaibosh sunglasses.