Sometimes I see myself as a Chameleon. Not in a personality kind of way, but in the way I dress myself. One day I'll be wearing a tailored look with a blazer and suit pants, and another day I'll be wearing a more grunge look or even sporty as well. I think it's nice to not have to define a persons style. I style myself after my mood, and that is exactly what a chameleon does. Changes depending on the environment. 

Chameleon also happens to be the name of a song I am currently listening to. This song makes me want to dance around the house and forget about feeling anything other then happy. I have inserted the song on the bottom of this post for you to listen to, and hopefully get the same feelings as I. 

Wearing: Vero Moda dress, Kaibosh sunglasses, ChĂȘne bag, CarrĂ© ring, Triwa watch, Glitter scarf and Mango Earrings.