Lost in Translation

I know it seems crazy to say but I am always on the look-out for a new location to shoot content at. Whenever I see a beautiful building or good looking architecture, I think "I should go there and shoot photos". I am quite obsessive with my Instagram account, which I know can sound a little dumb, but I am just so passionate about imagery and expressing myself through different art forms. I saw this one location on Instagram, and my mind was blown. How can I live in Oslo and not know about beautiful places like this? Only a 5 minute walk from my work as well haha.. Anyways, me and my friend Dina headed out last Sunday to grab a coffee, which seemed impossible since every cafĂ© we found was closed. We went to different locations and shot lots and lots of content, take a look!


Wearing: Isabel Marant shoes, jacket and hat, Weekday jeans, & Other Stories bag, boyfriends old shirt, Kaibosh glasses and vintage belt. 

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