Villa Stenersen

Spent today at Villa Stenersen, a beautiful villa made by the Norwegian architect Arne Korsmo. I am currently studying art history to compliment my ongoing bachelors degree in media science. Since I am going for a career in fashion, I think it is good to have a basic understanding for art, and how it influences fashion. One of my favorite topics within art history is architecture, so it is nice to go to these kinds of exhibits to get a more in depth understanding and to see it up close. Villa Stenersen is open only on sundays until the 31st of October, so be sure to check it out!


Went there with my good friend Dina, and we of course snapped some photos of out attire. I really really like the picture of us below, as I am much a fan of contrasting components within a photo. Also have to say, these ATP Atelier boots are literally fall boot goals! 


Wearing: By Malene Birger blazer, ATP Atelier boots and bag, Zara skirt, Isabel Marant EtoilĂ© t-shirt and Ganni sunglasses. 

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