Oslo Runway: Day 2

Day 2 of Oslo Runway started of with the Veronica B. Vallenes show which was held at the National Museum here in Oslo. We got to see a lot of tailored silhouettes with interesting details. My favorite look from the show is the on under here featuring a shirt with an extremely long collar, a beautiful leather skirt and black trousers. 

Photo by:  Angelina Ilmast

Photo by: Angelina Ilmast

Me and my friend Andrea outside of the show. Wearing: Isabel Marant coat, H&M blouse, Lindex sunglasses, H&M trousers, & Other Stories bad and Nike sneakers. 

The next show we went to was actually a presentation by the accessories brand Cala Jade. It was held at the beautiful Vigeland museum which features a lot of sculptures of human bodies. The models was standing on podiums acting as a part of the museum collection, showcasing the new handbags. I really like the direction Cala Jade is heading towards. The bags featured interesting prints in surprising colors as well as the most amazing acrylic chain I have ever seen on a bag! Really really cool actually. You can see this chain on the blue bag that one of the models is wearing over her shoulders. 

Next up was Elisabeth Stray Pedersen which is always a favorite of mine. She held her show at her new factory at Økern here in Oslo. This gave the show a more raw feel to it, making me feel like the clothes was tailored perfectly to the models right before they came out. She showcased the most amazing wool coats and jackets in quite boxy shapes and some in surprising colors. I defiantly need all of them. Almost all of the models wore white tights which I have been loving lately to wear myself, as well as some amazing clear boots that I need in my life asap, where can I get them? Anyone?

Next show for me was supposed to be Admir Batlak, but I missed it which I am so so sad about.. I had to go straight from ESP to a styling event hosted by Redken, Adam&Eva, Oslo Runway and Maud & Fram. It was the first time in a very long time that someone had fixed and styled my hair. Fun fact: I actually can't do anything with my hair, I am soo horrible at hairstyling that I barely can put it in a ponytail. So let's just say that it was really nice to have someone style it. 


I actually got to borrow some clothes from Maud that were being showed later that evening. I picked out an amazing checked coat, some flared trousers and a white blouse. I styled it over an H&M blouse that I was already wearing before I got to the event. Then we went to the Maud & Fram show which was held at Christiania theater. After that, we headed to Grand Café to eat dinner with the same people and brands that hosted the styling event. All in all, a perfect end to Oslo Runway.

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