Me Unlimited

Advertisement - In collaboration with Zalando.

Fashion without limits; Something I really strive after, and encourage people to think about. It's possible to express yourself through clothing, and that is something I have always believed in. The Me Unlimited campaign is all about being unafraid of fashion. You can check out the campaign here.


My task was to put together an outfit that was my version of casual elegance, which honestly describes my everyday style perfectly. I chose a tailored pant, a classic jacket and a simple bag as my elegant inputs to this outfit. Then to soften the look up, and make it more casual and my style, I decided to combine it with some bright yellow sneakers, a sporty top and a bucket hat. I also added some star shaped hoops, that made the look more playful. 


Wearing: Bruuns Bazaar jacket (link), Ellesse top (link), Filippa K pants (link), Calvin Klein Jeans bag (link) and shoes (link) and Orelia hoops (link). 

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