Running to the Sea


I love those spontaneous summer nights. Those were you just tell your friend "Hey let´s go there and do this". Summer really creates the opportunity for new memories, without any limitations. I now have had vacation since the 8th of May, and It´s starting to sink in that I really don't have any more exams, any more deadlines hanging over my shoulders and making me stressed out. Until fall that is. Now I can finally enjoy life a little, and feel like I'm free. I can go on restaurants with my boyfriend, I can go shopping with friends, I can travel with my sister and I can focus on my Instagram and blog which is something I really, really enjoy doing. 


Wearing: H&M blazer, Lindex knitted tee and sunglasses, By Malene Birger shorts, Paco Rabanne bag, Acne sneakers and Glitter hairpieces.