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Advertisement (as in the products were gifted)

When going on holiday, there is a few highly important essentials that one needs to bring, in order to be able to relax. Especially if one is going on a beach holiday. There is nothing worse then forgetting sunscreen as an example. A holiday filled with sunburns and staying in the shadow, is not a pleasant one if you ask me. That is why I brought some of my current favorite products to use in the sun on my holiday to Palma. 


1. Zara beachbag - Bought this in Palma. It's incredibly light which makes it perfect to stuff with beach essentials. It's not big enough to hold a towel, but all other stuff you would want to bring to the beach will fit. I love the colors, and that you can wear it both to the beach and when going to the city for some shopping. 

2. Replay sandals - The comfiest sandals I brought to Palma. Not only is the color super amazing, but the fit is perfect and the leather is so soft. The design is also a little bit different to any sandal I have ever seen before, which is great because with such a light shoe, it's hard to stand out design wise. 


Wearing: Bathingsuit by Bikbok, bag by Zara, sunglasses from Sunbuddies, silk scarf from Sandro and necklace by Mango.


3. Biotherm Crème Solaire spf 30 - I used this every single day on my face in Palma, and I didn't break out once, which one can tend to do with sunscreen. It soaks quickly into the skin, leaving it fresh and plump. 

4. Guerlain Terracotta Sun Protect spf 30 - I used this one completely up on my trip. Not only is the scent amazing, but it's so light on the skin and I do really love the idea of a tan enhancer in a sunscreen. I would prefer if the tube was a little bit bigger, so one wouldn't have to bring multiple bottles when going on a two week holiday for example. 

5. Guerlain Terracotta Rêve d'Eté - This is a "skin tint" of some sorts, that gives your skin a fresh summer tanned look without covering anything up. This also contains the tan enhancer which is why I used it under the Biotherm sunscreen every day. I also mixed this into my foundation during the evenings, to make it lighter on the skin and darker in color. 

6. Decléor Aroma Sun Expert Protective Hydrating Milk spa 30 - Another spf 30 that I brought with me on my trip. This one is also super light and soaks quickly into the skin, so one could say that it does what it promises (as in the hydrating milk part). One thing I prefer with this one is that a small amount goes a long way. This one looks barely touched, but I used the Guerlain one up completely on my 10-days long trip.