What I Did in Palma


Went to Palma de Mallorca with my little sister Siril from the 5th of June to the 14th of June. We spent the 10 days relaxing, shopping and catching up on each others lives. We stayed at HM Alma Beah in Can Pastilla, which is a small beach town just outside of Palma. We got to enjoy the good qualities of a beach vacation, but also haveing the buzzing city just a 10 minute busride away. 


We were really surprised when we arrived to the hotel, and greater than we expected it to be. The hotel had a kind of Bali beach vibes over it, with the bamboo tables and chairs, the straw lamps and the aztec patterned cushions. There were also three sunbathing areas, which we made great use out of, as one does on holiday. 


We explored the city of Palma quite a few times, and discovered some amazing food and shopping spots that I will write about later in my "An Instagrammers Guide to:" series. I just love all of the rustic architecture, and that the old town is protected and well preserved. There is just something about that feeling you get when walking around in cobblestone streets, with old buildings with big windows covered in colorful window shutters. 


I also did some shopping while I was there. I have a major crush on everything that has something to do with the sea these days, so I got a hold of a few jewelry pieces that I have been wearing ever since I got them. Also regretting not getting this amazing white leather jacket from Bimba y Lola with a heart cutout on the back. Super cute. 


Then it was time to head back home. Had a short and sweet, hello and goodbye with my boyfriend at the airport in Palma, since he was going there right after me. Then me and my sister ate McDonalds (haha classy) and went on the plane, read Vogue and slept for the rest of the day..


Also made a super short video of a few clips I recorded while in Palma. Hopefully you like it, and if you want me to do more YouTube videos then please let me know!