Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19

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Get ready for some photo spamming, I have so soo much to share from Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is the second time I am attending Cphfw, and it just keeps on getting better and better. I attended almost all of the shows, and I got to see some of my favorites like Stine Goya and Ganni. Me, Andrea and Dina travelled down the night before the madness began, Rune and Nnenna came the day after. It was amazing being there with so many of my closest friends, and even though it was the warmest it has ever been in Copenhagen, we still managed to have so much fun. As always, airport attire is just as important as any other outfit during fashion week, so here is what I wore while traveling:

Wearing Acne Studios blazer, FWSS t-shirt, Isabel Marant jeans, Balenciaga sneakers and Truss bag.

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The first show of Copenhagen Fashion Week was Birgitte Herskind, which was held at the Nimb Hotel rooftop. She showcased some amazing showpiece bathing suits and matched them with cowboy hats and boots. I need every piece of swimwear from this collection right now! The next show was Blanche. We got to see familiar silhouettes with fun twists in classic colors.


After Blanche, I ran over to the next show which was the Mykke Hofmann presentation. After that me and some friends sat down at Sticks’n’Sushi for a quick bite. My favorite is the Pink Alaska, which is salmon with philadelphia.


Wearing Moiré cape/skirt, Zara top, FWSS trousers, Reebok sneakers, Cala Jade bag and Weekday hat.


Photo by: Ylenia @Ineffabledaze

Like a kid in a candy store! Deeply regretting not purchasing more earrings here, but I went for the red hoops in the photo to the right. After some quick shopping it was time to head over to Résumé. The show was inspired by Clueless, and I loved it! The colors and the patterns are so me. The location was fun as well.

2018-08-07 13:06:23.029.jpeg

Wearing Résumé dress, Marc Jacobs hat, Isabel Marant belt, Cala Jade bag and Dr.Martens boots.

2018-08-08 11:16:52.578.jpeg

The next day started with breakfast at Atelier September with Andrea, Dina and Silje. We then jumped in a cab and headed over to the J.Lindeberg show. The collection was sporty, but at the same time classic with a twist. My favorite look was the classic suit, where the pants were cut to knee length and combined with high socks and chunky sneakers. We then went to the Morten Ussing show which was beautiful as always.

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Wearing: Epilogue dress, Brixton hat, Paco Rabanne bag, Balenciaga sneakers and Isabel Marant belt.


After a quick change we drove out to the Holzweiler show, which actually is a Norwegian brand. The location was so nice, and the collection really represented Norway in a good way! The following show was Stine Goya, who is one of my favorite designers. I was so lucky to be seated front row, so I got to really see the collection up close. Captured is one of my favorite looks, it is soo me!

2018-08-08 20:11:20.324.jpeg

After the Stine Goya show, we went home to freshen up before heading to the Glossier event. We were so fortunate to be gifted some of the Glossier products that have been such a big hype lately, and I must say that I have used the lip balm everyday since. After Glossier, me and Rune went to the Samsøe Samsøe dinner, which was so much fun.

2018-08-08 21:03:36.838.jpeg

The next day started with Hofmann Copenhagen, and it turned out to be one of the best shows during fashion week. The styling was incredible, and they played with prints in such a fun and cool way. I need to get me some sports glasses asap. Following up was the Munthe show, and right after that the By Malene Birger show.

2018-08-09 10:37:31.784.jpeg
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Wearing: FWSS t-shirt and skirt, Reebok sneakers, Calvin Klein Jeans bag and Asos hat.

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2018-08-09 17:03:43.462.jpeg

Then it was time for Designers Remix, and after that was Lovechild 1979. We then headed out to the off schedule show called “Brøgger” which was really inspiring and colorful. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos there, but you can see a clip in my Youtube video from Copenhagen Fashion Week at the bottom of this post.


Wearing: Acne blazer, Ganni dress, Balenziaga sneakers, Truss bag and Céline sunglasses.


Then it was time for the show that I was most excited to see, Ganni. I love how Ganni is becoming more and more edgy. The show was so cool featuring some classic rock songs and an amazing location. The mountain boots is one of the biggest trends this season, and it seems like it will last until the next season as well. After the Ganni show, I went back to the hotel for a quick change and then out to dinner with some of my friends. We had the best nachos at Café Norden before heading to the last show of Cphfw, Saks Potts.